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Sustainable Christmas Boxes 2022

Locally and sustainably produced with a fair story.

Are you ready to choose green this year?

This year you can choose from no fewer than four sustainable Christmas boxes! With varying prices for every budget, they all meet the conditions of a sustainable Christmas box and are full of positive impact.

That can and should be done differently.

And if it works? 100,000 people have already preceded you!

Prefer a personalized MOYU Notebook in your own Christmas Box?

  • No problem at all. You can personalize an erasable notebook to your liking and put it in your own Christmas box, or give it to your colleagues. Success is guaranteed!

    ✓ Personal, creative and sustainable gift

    ✓ From €8,- and shipped within one week

    ✓ Rated by customers with a 9.2

    ✓ Softcover and hardcover full color to personalize

    ✓ Shipping possible throughout Europe

Order personalized notebooks - separately or in your Christmas Box?

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Last year's Christmas Box

How does MOYU work?


Step 1: Write with your MOYU pen

The MOYU pen contains the original Frixion ink. This ink dries completely on the stone paper and is easy to erase without leaving any traces.


Step 2: Scan your notes

Do you want to save your notes? Scan, digitize and then store them in the Cloud or Drive. Use your favorite scanning app for this.


Step 3: Erase the Ink

Slightly dampen the supplied MOYU cloth with some water, and erase the ink in no time. It's like magic!


Step 4: Repeat endlessly

On average you can write on stone paper about 500 times. So your notebook will last with you for months or even years!

A gift that lasts for years.

A MOYU Notebook won’t be thrown into the trash on New Year's Eve. Nor in 2023. Not even in 2024. This gift will last for years! Even in a period full of celebration and abundance, sustainable choice is possible.

Best choice for you, office and marketing managers out there!

You contribute to nature with your own house style on a product that will last for years. If that's not marketing… And you won't have to order any new paper notebooks in the coming years. 1+1 = 3.

You’re an inspiration.

You inspire your colleagues and team members. In fact, you set a good example by daring to choose green, and thus inspire your staff to (continue to) do so too. In this way you can make a difference together in both the short and long term.

Order personalized notebooks - separately or in your Christmas Box?

Please contact us via the form!


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